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Dr. Angela Saunders

angela-about-meDr. Angela Saunders is a registered psychologist within the province of Ontario in the areas of clinical, counselling and rehabilitation. A licensed psychologist since 2003, with over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health, Angela’s professional roles have ranged from that of a front line worker in group home/custody facilities to working with families, couples and individuals in preventative, supportive, crisis and therapeutic settings.

Licensed to work with children, adolescents, families, couples and adults, Dr. Saunders works across a range of theoretical orientations, drawing upon the modality and framework that best suits a client’s needs.  Skilled at working with trauma, depression, anxiety, self harm, addiction, relational, attachment and a range of other issues,

Dr. Saunders is focused on meeting a client where they are in their life, and helping them increase their capacity to understand and cope with the events in their lives and the issues that get in the way of reaching an optimal level of mental HEALTH and wellness.  Mental HEALTH is worth fighting for…everyday.  “Watching and supporting someone as they go from a place of ‘just hanging on’ to a place of ‘I’ve got this!’ is a most privileged position.”

Dr. Saunders also provides a range of trainings/workshops/consultations and public talks that can be tailored to you or your company’s specific needs.